Before Your Appointment



  • Please send us an email to if you would like to know the ingredient list of chemicals used in our products.
  • If you are getting lash extensions for a special occasion and this will be your first time or you are not sure exactly what length, diameter, and style you want, we highly recommend that an appointment is booked at least a month before the important date. This will leave room for any changes and will allow you to do that on your next touch up appointment. That way everything is PERFECT on that special occasion.
  • If you wear strip lashes, bring them in to your appointment so we have an idea what you like.
  • Please arrive with absolutely no make up and moisturiser around your eyes. If you have worn waterproof makeup in the last  few days, residue will probably be leftover. Any traces of makeup and oil will create a barrier between your natural lashes and the extension and this will cause your extension to fall off a lot sooner. (Use an oil free makeup remover to take off your makeup and a make up brush with soft bristles to clean in between your lashes. This will allow us to use all the time allocated to your appointment to apply lashes instead of removing makeup.)
  • Avoid drinking coffee that day (or any caffeinated beverages) before your appointment to avoid eye fluttering during your treatment. 
  • Arrive to your appointment on time.



  • When you arrive, we will go over a consultation with you. We will determine which style, shape, diameter and length of eyelash extension best suits you. 
  • Following your consultation, you will then lie down on a beauty bed and we will apply eye pads below your eyes. You will keep your eyes closed the entire time during the treatment while we apply lash extensions on your natural lash. You can relax while music is playing, listen to an audiobook, meditate, or take a nap.