Our Team



Founder, Lash + Microblading Artist

Salina is the founder of Jiemao Lashes, one of London’s leading lash businesses founded in 2015. Salina is a Hollywood native bringing LA’s high standard of beauty therapy to London through international training and local qualifications. A Bachelor of the Arts from UCLA with post-graduate qualifications from the University of the Arts London, Salina set up Jiemao Lashes to bring better industry standards to London.



Manager, Master Lash Specialist

Lina is a beauty expert specialised in the application of lash extensions and lash lift and tint treatments, since 2014. Graduated Faculty of Law but passionate about lashes, Lina started her career in Chisinau, Moldova. Qualified at Lash Art University, Chisinau, Lina was awarded 2nd place in the national competition, "Cup of Lashes”, Master Category, Classic Extension, organised in Chisinau, MD on March 5th, 2017. Lina plans to increase her experience and techniques in the beauty industry in the future.


Anna pic.jpg


Lash Specialist

Anna is a Lash Specialist from Poland who started her lash career in November 2016. Her love for beauty began when she was a teenager where she would organise beauty evenings for her Mum and sisters. Fast forward some years, she decided to move to London and was working as a store manager for 4 years. While she was a store manager (and wearing lash extensions herself) she realised how hard it is to find a good qualified Lash Specialist in London and for this reason she decided to take lash extension courses at London Lash - what an amazing idea! In the future she plans to increase her experience and techniques in the beauty industry. 



Lash Specialist

Sorina is a Lash Specialist from Romania with a background in Economics but a real passion for beauty. Her career started in November 2015, having taken several courses to learn different  lash extensions techniques, both in Bucharest at Tabya Lash Academy and at the UK Lash Institute. Being a great technician takes real patience and this is one of Sorina’s greatest assets.