Aftercare tips


Maintenance is everything. To keep your beautiful new lashes at their best, here are a few of our top tips for looking after them. Long live your lashes!

  1. Do not allow water on your eyes for the first 24 hours. Ideally avoid washing your face or perspiring. You can skip that spin class and gym today... yay!
    Also, avoid saunas or steam rooms.

  2. In the days after your treatment, when you go to the gym, swim, or sweat, be sure to splash water on your eyes straight afterwards. Salt is a solvent that can weaken the adhesive.

  3. Avoid all oils on and near your lash extensions. This includes cleansers, sun cream, foundation – just about any oily cream, in fact. If you’re not sure what to use, we have a lash-safe cleanser available for purchase in our beauty treatment room. From our experience, we do not recommend the use of micellar water or anything including PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexalene Glycol, Butylene or Propylene Glycol, which can break down the lash adhesive and cause you to lose lashes quicker.

  4. If you use conditioner, be careful not to get this on your lashes when you wash your hair in the shower.

  5. Do not wear mascara, liquid or gel eyeliners. These items sit on your lash line and will dissolve the cyanoacrylate adhesive and the lash extension will pop off.

  6. Do not use cotton swabs or pads to remove your makeup. The lint in these products will get in between your lashes. Instead, use a soft make-up brush to remove the make-up in an up-and-down vertical motion. This is the best way. Please do not use make-up wipes!

  7. Oil from your skin, eye makeup, and eye build-up will increase the surface area for bacteria to build-up around your eyes, which can lead to irritation or infection. This can also leave dead skin cells on your lash line which is unhygienic, and does not look pretty! Simply wash your lash extensions everyday with a lash-safe cleanser and they will last longer.

  8. Changes in hormones levels, crying, and seasonal allergies may decrease the lifespan of your lash extensions.

  9. Avoid heat near your lashes. If you’re a smoker, be careful when lighting your cigarette so you avoid burning your lashes. Also be careful when blowdrying your hair and opening the oven door.

  10. Don’t sleep on your stomach. Make a habit of sleeping on your back.

  11. Absolutely do not pull or tug on your lash extensions. This can lead to the permanent damage of your hair follicle.

  12. When you wake up, get out of the shower, or any time your eyes get wet (we do live in wet and rainy London) remember to always carry that spoolie we provided you during your appointment to gently comb your lashes. Don’t forget to comb them from the top and the bottom.

  13. To maintain your lashes we recommend a touch-up every 2–3 weeks for
    Classic Individual lashes, and 3–4 weeks for Russian Volume lashes.

    *Keep in mind that even though you have lash extensions now, your natural lashes are still shedding everyday. Having lash extensions do not stop that process so do not panic if you have a few come off the first day. However, in the rare occasion a bunch has come off the first couple days please contact us right away so we can figure out what happened to your lash extensions. If you wait more than a couple days, unfortunately we will not be able to do too much.

    **It is also normal to see a lash extension attached to a natural lash as your natural lashes shed. This has always happened, you just notice it more now because there is now a lash extensions attached to your natural lash.

    ***Finally, in the rare event that you have an allergic reaction, please contact us immediately so we can arrange for you to come in to professionally remove your lash extensions.