Why is it not safe to do your own Lash Lift at home?

A lot of clients ask us “is it safe to do a Lash Lift at home” the simple answer is NO! In 2020 the closure of salons during lockdown prompted many to try DIY beauty treatments at home. A lot of content online had people promoting DIY Lash lift kits from Amazon. However these Lash kits can be extremely harmful as they are full of chemicals. Despite the appeal of cost savings, it’s crucial to understand the risks associated with at-home lash lifts. 

Why At-Home Lash Lifts Are Unsafe:

Regardless of kit quality these all contain potentially harmful chemicals, increasing the risk of accidents or improper application, which can result in burns or even permanent eye damage if not done by a professional. In order to process a lash lift your eyes must be closed throughout the treatment, this means it is extremely important to keep your eyes closed in case of any solution getting into your eyes and potentially causing extreme eye damage. This means doing a lash lift at home would mean you would have to have your eyes open leading to a dangerous mess.

When we opened our doors after lockdown we had an extreme amount of clients asking us to save their lashes after they attempted a lash lift at home. These clients all had brittle broken lashes with gaps from permanent hair loss. Unfortunately we had to turn these clients away while recommending they purchase Revitalash Lash serum to help grow their lashes back and HD Brow and Lash conditioner to help nourish and hydrate their lashes. These products can be purchased in both our Salons, Shoreditch and Soho.

To avoid any Lash and eye damage, infections and chemical burns please be safe and go to a professional when wanting these treatments done. 

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